Thesis photos

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Thesis photos

The student was attempting to strike a blow against the patriarchy, repudiating her media arts professor's advice to dress up for the presentation. Yet I can't help but wonder: On what planet is this not a violation of Title IX, the federal anti-harassment statute that so many college administrators cite when cracking down on problematic, sexually charged behavior?

The student, Letitia Chai, was practicing her presentation in class while wearing cutoff jean shorts.

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That outfit, The Cornell Daily Sun reportsdrew a rebuke from professor Rebekah Maggor, who asked, "Is that really what you would wear? Maggor apologized for the remark anyway, after Chai stormed out of the class. She eventually returned, stripped down to her underwear, and continued with the presentation.

Chai stripped again during her actual senior thesis presentation, in front of students and professors. She said she "stood in solidarity with people who have been asked to 'question themselves' based on others' perception of their appearances," according to the Sun.

Thesis photos

She asked the audience to join her—and some removed articles of clothing. Afterward, she led a roundtable discussion about diversity and inclusion. Most of the students who had been in attendance during the initial incident collaborated on a document exonerating the professor, Maggor, of wrongdoing.

However, she has openly recognized this and apologized on more than one occasion. As a professor, she is incredibly open to criticism and, following the incident, listened to what her students had to say regarding her role in what occurred.

Is this a Title IX case in the making? The federal statute dealing with sexual misconduct has often been used as a weapon to police uncomfortable expression. Overzealous compliance with the Obama-era Education Department's broad interpretation of Title IX has prompted campus authorities to discourage gendered salutationsinvestigate professors for writing controversial essaysand give failing grades to students who made harmless comments.

One can easily imagine administrators going after a student who not only took off her clothes in class but encouraged others to do the same.

Thesis photos

I asked Cornell's Title IX office if Chai's behavior had raised red flags, or whether someone would need to file a complaint first.

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