Factors affecting process design

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Factors affecting process design

Related Introduction Process design is defined as the alignment of processes to satisfy customer needs while at the same time meeting the set objectives of the organization Becker et al. All businesses, regardless of whether they are service based or product based, have the obligation of delivering quality products and services to customers Matsa, There are different process designs that can be adopted in organizations, which include serial and parallel processes.

The serial approach of involves the alignment of activities to take place one after the other in a defined sequence.

Whereas this approach is known to be simple and easy to understand, one disadvantage associated with it is that processes take a longer time to accomplish and thus, reduces capacity Iravani et al. Parallel processes, on the other hand, involve the execution of two or more processes in a simultaneous manner.

This approach can lead to a reduction in the flow time or an increase in capacity. However, this depends on whether the parallel operations are set to carry out unlike or like operations Mascitelli, Selection of the most ideal service or manufacturing process design for a company depends on several factors.

This explains the differences that may exist in the way companies within the same industry may design their processes differently.

According to Swift and Bookerselection of the ideal process depends on the nature of the marketplace, the business, and the product itself.

With reference to Apple Inc, this paper aims at providing a critical discussion of the key factors that influence the selection of a service or manufacturing process design. It also seeks to discuss ways in which project management principles aid operations managers in introduction of changes to operation processes or systems.

Factors that govern selection of manufacturing processes design Cost The key objective of any business is to maximize their profits while offering quality to customers. Whereas its products are known for being slightly more expensive than those manufactured by other brands, the company also increases through cutting costs of production.

Pries and Quigley define process costs as the investments that are required to be incurred in the course of the manufacturing process.

What are the factors affecting the design process in construction

These comprise of the expenditures incurred in purchase of equipment, labour and raw materials, and capital costs. There are different approaches that can be used in management of costs incurred in processes Huang et al. For Apple, costs are cut by outsourcing components and labour.

Factors affecting process design

In the overall electronics and technology industry, most of the components are obtained from Asian manufacturing industries, which are known to be both cheaper and more versatile than those from other parts of the world Roy et al. It also helps companies to share their risks.

Components used to build Apple products are obtained from over companies that are spread all over the world.The process would change to include the new work times or the external vendor.

Human Factors. People affect the process design. Stress, employee morale and fatigue have an impact on the execution of a process. Leaders should consider these factors when designing the process.

Factors influencing Process Design and Process Analysis 1. Dr.

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Pradeep Desai Factors influencing Process Design and Process Analysis Technology and Innovation 2. Top 10 Factors determining Product Design. 1. Customer requirements. Product design has to give due respect to the requirements of customers.

Factors affecting process design

So designers has to ensure that the product they design suits the convenience of customers for use. The Factors That Influence The Design Process Words | 11 Pages.

P1 -You must describe the factors that influence the design process. There are numerous factors that affect the design process, and how the design is produced at the end.

Design of Production Processes - Factors affecting Process Design Decisions Major Factors affecting Process Design Decisions Operations managers generally make process-design decisions after taking into consideration several factors.

Design of Production Processes - Factors affecting Process Design Decisions Major Factors affecting Process Design Decisions Operations managers generally make process-design decisions after taking into consideration several factors.

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