Essay comparing and contrasting ww1 and ww2

The hope was people would join up in sufficient numbers that a country doesn't need a draft however In WW1 everyone was totally jazzed to enlist voluntarily in the beginning - and did; however as the war went on and news of how brutal life at the front was and french-canadians began resenting dying for an 'english war' recruiting dried up.

Essay comparing and contrasting ww1 and ww2

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Both wars are marked by involvement of the prevailing world powers of the day. The Second World War saw a more meaningful participation from the United States of America, which was then set to become the leading superpower in the post war years.

The rest of the essay will see a comparative analysis between these two wars. The two wars are distinguished in the development and application of military technology. While the state of military warfare was rudimentary and simple during the years of the First World War, the Second World War saw significant advancements in military technology.

For example, the advent of Tanks by the Third Reich is perceived by experts to be a crucial factor in the dynamics of combat during the Second World War.

This was in sharp contrast to such innovations as the Zeppelin that was employed by the German command during the First World War. The reasons that led to these two brutal wars were very different in nature.

In the case of the First World War, the assassination of the monarch of the Austro-Hungarian Empire acted as a trigger in destabilizing what was then a delicate state of European political balance. A combination of unfortunate timing of the assassination alongside the growing internal tension within the European powers gave vent in the form of a war on a massive scale.

The Second World War though cannot be attributed to any event or act of an accidental nature. The blatant and brazen ambition of Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich made the subsequent confrontation almost inevitable.

But contrastingly, the Second war was predominantly an aerial one, in that, most of the strategic advantage was gained by the country that possessed a superior air force. Another area that offers a contrasting perspective on the nature of societies during the two wars is the role played by women.

During the First war women remained in the background, making very little contribution to the final outcome of the war. This led to greater participation by women during the Second World War. For example, a whole class of women workers was employed in ammunition factories as well as in rehabilitation centers as nurses.

But, in terms of the existing economic conditions of Europe and America, there is not much difference between the periods leading up to the two great wars.

The years of prosperity was followed by the Great Depression and the associated poverty and suffering of the American citizenry. While America was not a leading player in either of the two wars, its economic conditions acted as an indirect factor in the way things panned out.

Essay comparing and contrasting ww1 and ww2

After recovering from the economic Depression, American policy makers saw a great strategic opportunity in consolidating their position as a global power during the late thirties and early forties.

This motive was quite significant in the eventual outcome of the war and the establishment of a new world order.

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As mentioned before, the First World War was essentially a European conflict. Following a period of economic stability and industrial advancement, Japan set out to dominate the far eastern section of the globe.

This imperialist goal of Japan was no insignificant factor in instigating the allied forces in general and the United States in particular to act in defense of their strategic and economic interests. This is a crucial difference between the dynamic of the First World War and the and contrast.

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